Mercier mayor donates 10% of salary to charity

Mercier mayor Lise Michaud (front and centre) and her council.

The newly-elected mayor of the south shore municipality of Mercier says she's being paid too much.

Lise Michaud, elected to her first term last November, makes $71,000 a year for the job of running the town of 12,000.

And now, she says, 10 per cent of that will be going to non-profit groups.

Not only that, the four councillors elected as part of her team will be doing the same with their salaries.

Michaud says previous councils have voted themselves salaries that have been quite a bit higher than cities of comprable size, like nearby Beauharnois. Its mayor, Claude Haineault, makes only $52,000.

She says giving 10 per cent to charity will go some way to evening things out.

"It was one of the promises we made during the election campaign," she says. 'I didn't beccome mayor for the salary, it was by conviction."

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