PQ's charter an 'open invitation to bullying': EMSB chair

With hearings set to begin next week on the PQ's proposed secularism charter, the English Montreal School board has made public the brief it will be presenting.

And its position is clear: not only will the board not comply with the charter, or move to discipline anyone for violating it, the EMSB's chair, Angela Mancini, likens the charter to a scourge it's actively trying to eliminate.

"It's an open invitation for people to go around bullying other people," Mancini says.

Mancini says there's zero tolerance for bullying in the EMSB's schools, and she worries Bill 60 will bring out the worst in Quebec society.

"We have had an increase in our Muslim community of people saying that they've been verbally abused, because they're wearing a hijab," she says.

Last month, the Lester B. Pearson school board issued a similar condemnation of the charter, saying to promotes fear and hate. Board chair Suanne Stein-Day referred to it as a modern-day version of the infamous phrase 'speak white' — a phrase once levelled by English-speaking Canadians at francophones who dared speak French in public.

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