Student sues SQ over injuries suffered in a Maple Spring protest


A student who was seriously injured during a maple spring protest in Victoriaville is suing the Surete du Quebec for $220 000 for excessive use of force.

Dominique Laliberté-Martineau says she was demonstrating peacefully when she had her jaw fractured in 5 places and lost 6 teeth after being hit by a rubber bullet shot by a police officer.

She's looking to set a precedent to prevent the same thing from happening again.

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  1. ric posted on 01/09/2014 10:23 PM
    It's funny how all these students always "PEACEFULLY PROTEST". Then who's doing all the vandalism and damage? When the cops tell you to disperse, listen to them or pay the consequences. Does the above picture look like a peaceful protest?
  2. George Grummett posted on 01/10/2014 12:18 AM
    It's a pity and sad that someone got injured.

    However, the Police had a job to do.
    Almost the whole of the sitting, ruling Quebec government was inside that building.
    It was the duty of the Police to protect the government from a threatening mob.
    I would have expected no less from the Police if the building were packed with PQ ministers instead.

    The Police must also protect the citizenry.
    Yes, we are permitted to demonstrate peacefully, but when things get out of control, and the Police tell everyone to go home, you're supposed to comply, for your own safety's sake.

    She was probably injured because she remained at the scene of a violent confrontation after the demonstration was declared illegal and everyone had been ordered to disperse.

    Things go wrong sometimes.

    I do not believe excessive force was used. The safety of the provincial government was at risk, and after the demonstration was declared illegal, the lady was in the wrong place, even though she had been demonstrating peacefully.
  3. Sic posted on 01/11/2014 01:30 PM
    If she was sitting in a classroom she would not have been shot.
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