Verdun investigating incident of recyclables thrown out with trash

The mayor of Verdun says he's shocked by a video that's circulating on social media showing garbage collectors in his borough tossing recyclables into their truck.

The video of the garbage collection incident was taken earlier this week on Lasalle Boulevard by a Verdun resident who then posted it on the web.

"The video is unacceptable," Verdun mayor Jean-Francois Parenteau told CJAD 800 News, adding what really shocked him watching the video was that it may lead people to believe that they're recycling for nothing.

Parenteau said even before he was elected mayor, he noticed as a Verdun resident, that the company did a slap-hazard job. The company, Services Environmentaux Richelieu, has received five fines from the borough since 2010 for various bylaw violations, plus two others just this past year.

Parenteau said he's asked for a report from the company and will decide what to do then, which could include cancelling the contract if it can be done legally.

The company changed hands in 2012 and insists it's a lot better now.

"They said it was an isolated incident," Parenteau said.

"That remains to be seen."

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