UPDATE: 470 bus stops return to Fairview terminus on Monday


The Montreal Transit Corporation says it will now bring the 470 bus stops back to the Fairview terminus in Pointe Claire.

CJAD first brought you this story on Tuesday, after listeners complained about the layout being changed at the Fairview bus terminal, which saw the stops being moved out to Brunswick Blvd.

On Friday, the STM has issued a statement, saying "the operational situation of the past week has not been satisfactory," and that the 470—Pierrefonds Express stops will be returned to the terminus as of Monday.

The bus stops were moved after new, articulated buses began to be used on the 470 line.

Commuters had complained that the new bus stop was too far out, forcing them to contend with icy sidewalks, streams of cars and buses, and the frigid cold — as the new stops were not equipped with bus shelters.

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  1. Diana A posted on 01/10/2014 08:18 PM
    As a bus driver often working from Fairview and doing the 470 up to early January 2014, it's a relief to know the stops will be back to normal within the terminus. Fairview terminal was never configured to fit the long articulated buses, thus being forced to remain outside of the terminus. The terminus would have to be enlarged by cutting into the parking areas facing either The Bay or Deco Découverte and also moving the Taxi stand, in order to be truly functional. Ideally fitting ALL the lines found on Brunswick and Auto Plaza such as 201, 217, 218, 485 etc. should also be accessible IN the terminus. This would alleviate the traffic jam on Brunswick exiting the terminus if NO bus stops were there at all. BUT of course, the Administration at Fairview would need to agree and then contribute to the costs. The there's the City of Pointe Claire - Permits, zoning and their approval. Then STM must also pay for some changes too. These are probable reasons why changes take years to happen. And once everything is approved, the wrong people make the wrong decisions such as the 470 bus stops.
    How would moving the highly popular 470 line onto Brunswick Blvd. and having all the passengers walking up a steep driveway, into crisscross traffic in the Fairview parking areas to get into the bus terminus or shopping centre, and in the middle of winter without having built any extra shelters ahead of time to shield against the winter elements make the clientele HAPPY!!?? Why aren't Drivers and our Supervisors ever get asked our opinions?! WE'RE the ones dealing with people and the driving conditions. Pity, because we saw all these consequences coming long ago! Passengers never got an opinion.. If you asked them if they'd walk to Brunswick Blvd., in order to get into less crowded buses, they would have said NO!! Brunswick Blvd to the front door at Fairview represents a rather long, steep walk for anybody, and very difficult for the elderly or those carrying their shopping parcels and baby carriages, small children walking. Have the Administrators signing off on these 'great ideas' ever use Public Transport daily?
    All the #470 problems stems from the other 'white elephant' built in 2013.. the new Stinson garage... We will hear all the feedback from that 'unfinished mess' through Facebook and internal postings at STM in 2014 no doubt. Bet the same Administrators signed off on the Location of this new garage... I hear STM had six locations to choose from, so tell us please why Stinson appeared to be the best place? Hard to imagine the 5 other locations worse!... but this topic will be probably be another article up for investigation and comments later this year!
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