Quebec federation of women goes public against Bill 60

The Quebec federation of women (FFQ), the province's largest organization representing women's rights, recently added its name to the list of groups opposing Bill 60.

General Director Alexa Conradi hopes to convince the provincial government that the controversial project is detrimental to women.

Conradi says that women are suffering significant collateral dommage in a discussion that should be restricted to religion.

She also added that muslim women who wear the veil are being unduly villified.

The Quebec Women's Federation is a feminist organization representing thousands of women and women's groups across the province.

The hearings on bill 60 begin on Tuesday in Quebec city.

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  1. George Grummett posted on 01/12/2014 09:06 AM
    I prefer "damage" to "dommage".

    Anglophones can have their language hawks too.
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