Another rally against Bill 60

Ostentatious religious clothing was visible all around during the latest rally against Bill 60 in Old Montreal.
Chris Nardi / CJAD News

Another rally against the charter of values was held in Old Montreal, gathering over 50 people of various faiths and beliefs.

Most participants had harsh words for Bill 60 and the Parti Québécois. Norma O'Donnell accused the party of attempting to divide Quebec citizens.

"We need to basically come together in solidarity, whether we're Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Jewish, and show them we are all one, we are all Canadians," O'Donnell told CJAD.

"We are not going to allow the PQ to tear us apart like they're trying to do."

Hampstead mayor Bill Steinberg says residents of his borough, who are largely against the charter of values, have a nickname for the bill and it isn't quite laudatory.

"I would say virtually the entire town [of Hampstead] is against the charter of values, which we like to call the charter of shame."

An outspoken critic of the controversial piece of legislation, Steinberg told CJAD that he will never enforce the charter of values in Hampstead as long as he is in power.

"It's outrageous, what the PQ is doing with Bill 60. To tell people they have to choose between employment and their religious beliefs is totally immoral."

The event was organized by activist group Support Another, who's inviting all Montrealers to wear religious clothing to work on monday in opposition to Bill 60.

The hearings on the legislation begin on Tuesday in Quebec city.

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  1. BEN posted on 01/13/2014 05:11 AM
    50 people eh? Well that's 6 999 950 that didn't. That's the number the politicians are looking at.
  2. joeN posted on 01/13/2014 09:30 AM
    More international social media is needed as the fence sitters in this province need more global humiliation to finally see the devious and underhanded strategies of the PQ & seperatist strategists.
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