Loose manhole cover means headaches - literally - for Ahuntsic woman

An Ahuntsic woman says a loose manhole cover is making her life miserable.

This comes a year after Valérie Chenus' complaints to the borough about the metal sewer covering on Henri Bourassa St. East in front of her apartment. The asphalt around it has loosened and crumbled away, so that every time a vehicle passes over it, it makes a clunking sound that can be louder depending on how fast or heavy the vehicle is. Or in the case of the new articulated buses, a succession of three clunking sounds.

"It's worse in the early morning when a stream of buses head towards the Henri Bourassa metro," Chenus told CJAD 800 News.

Chenus said she's often tired and headachy, with the noise waking her up all the time. She said it was worse during the summer when she kept her windows closed to muffle the noise.

As a massage therapist and music professor, she works from her home on and has no choice but to put up with it.

Chenus said she told the borough about the situation several times when she moved there a year ago but that the borough only started to act on it a few months ago because that's when she was told she had to make a formal complaint.

Borough spokesman Mustapha Diop told CJAD 800 News in an email they were supposed to fix it last fall but more urgent work took priority. Repairs are now expected before the end of the month.

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  1. joeN posted on 01/13/2014 05:37 PM
    Bureacracy at it's best!! Used to be, city inspectors would be checking all sorts of items when Drapeau ran the city. Now that we are Mega city, we have mega lousy service and outrageous property taxes. Yes, this will really entice people to move here.
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