Man who made Facebook comment about AK-47 and National Assembly gets bail

The man who's accused of having made a Facebook threat against the National Assembly is out on $2000 bail, and a long list of conditions.

Daniel Seniw will not be spending another night behind bars, but he is facing a charge of uttering threats — a charge which could earn him as much as 10 years in prison, if he's convicted.

He was responding to an article on the Charter, in a closed Facebook group, suggesting the Charter issue would go away if someone stormed the National Assembly with an AK-47 — a reference, police believe, to the storming of the National Assembly on May 8, 1984 by former Canadian army corporal Denis Lortie. Three people died and 13 others were injured in the incident, which targeted then-premier René Lévesque.

His wife Janet was out of town when he was arrested and says she's in complete disbelief.

"This was just one little glitch that he did," she says.

Provincial police say — and have said on many similar occasions — that making those kinds of threats, regardless of intent, is a serious crime.

Janet Seniw appears to understand that lesson now.

"Just be careful, people, of what you write on the Internet. You could end up in the same position."

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  1. Murray posted on 01/16/2014 05:01 PM
    Why not publish what Dan wrote?

    Only an imbecile would call what he wrote "a threat". :o)
    1. Kat posted on 01/21/2014 11:05 AM
      @Murray Yeah sounds more prophetic than threat. Like trying to guess the weather.
  2. Drew posted on 01/16/2014 05:07 PM
    That was not smart
  3. mp posted on 01/16/2014 05:26 PM
    Sometimes people say things that they don't really mean..
    this is a sad case...
    Sometimes people get upset and they blurt things out and they don't carry it out..
    You should have heard some off the stuff I told my kid..
    It was what every mother and mother would blurt out..My sister told me so many times that she would kill me and we are the best of friends today..
    This man probably doesn't even own a gun so please check it out....
  4. Umaga posted on 01/16/2014 05:31 PM
    How many more people have to die before the police take these hate-groups seriously ?
    Coming only a year after the assassination attempt on Mme Marois , leaving one dead and another crippled for life , I would hope that no effort is spared in cracking down on these fanatics !
  5. JohnH- posted on 01/17/2014 12:53 AM
    I find it hard to believe that this man and I'm only going on his picture didn't think there would be any repercussions. The reason I bring up his picture is because I estimate his age to be between, (40-50 yrs.). This is the type of behavior we the (public) have come to expect from younger people. If you make a verbal threat in public against a person or persons and that person or persons file a complaint with the police, you will be held accountable. Just think back to the police officer that threatened a homeless person and was caught on video. It went viral. And, the police officer was punished. Why would any one write a threat on social media and think nobody would notice is beyond belief? Remember we have freedom of speech and we are also responsible for what say and write.
    1. Ian posted on 01/17/2014 02:04 PM
      @JohnH- What did he write John?
    2. drummergrl2010 posted on 01/17/2014 03:53 PM
      @JohnH- Yes I would like to see the exact poet! Isn't anybody else worried that these people go looking on FB pages where the Anglos are having a conversation about the Charter??
  6. BS posted on 01/17/2014 01:52 PM
    He is being crucified plain and simple. His comment started with "I can see..." NOT I will do, or not even I would like to see. He was drawing a parallel between the events that lead up to what happened may 8 1984 to what they are doing now. And he has every right to do that.

    Of course when someone from the other side posts "Kill all the square heads" nothing is done. It's a double standard and he was right in that SOMEONE is really trying to drum a war. He was arrested to teach US a lesson that we better shut up and accept whats happening.
  7. John posted on 01/17/2014 06:40 PM
    Since this debate has started, there has been an increase a racist incidents against muslims in quebec. Since the only goal of Bill 60 is to divide the population and will never get by the Canadian and Quebec Charters what the point!!

    The PQ is purposely putting peoples lives in danger. They are spewing Hate speak and are the ones that should be arrested!!
  8. Barcham posted on 01/21/2014 12:17 PM
    We have lost so many freedoms here in Quebec that we should not be surprised that freedom of speech and freedom of expression are also being taken away. How many more freedoms have to be taken before the people stand up and say enough is enough!!! Or are we just sheep waiting to be sheered as the government seems to think?
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