New York assembly approves religious symbol bill

New York state is in the process of passing its own legislation on religious attire that would have a near-opposite effect to the Quebec secularism charter.

The bill "clarifies" that it is illegal for an employer "to require a person to violate or forego the wearing attire, clothing, or facial hair."

It was approved by the state assembly this week with a vote of 133 to 1. The decision took place on the same day Quebec began its hearings into its charter of secularism.

"Someone's religion is sacred," says assemblyman David Weprin, who sponsored the bill. "Someone shouldn't have to chose between observing their religion and making a living and supporting their families."

Widespread support

The legislation, which must still be approved by the senate and sanctioned by the governor, could pass into law as early as February due to widespread support from both Republicans and Democrats.

Weprin says he started this initiative because after 9-11 some workers with the New York city transit authority had been transferred to positions where they would not be seen by the public because they had refused to take off a head covering or stick the authority's logo on it.

The Democratic politician says if there were any move to introduce a charter like Quebec's in New York, he would fight it. "I hope there would be some push back. I certainly would be one of the people to push back." 

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  1. clint posted on 01/17/2014 05:26 PM
    PQ will just equate this to American (English) thinking....exactly what they hate.
  2. Bill posted on 01/17/2014 06:06 PM
    Funny, when you consider the op-ed pieces written by Lisee & Drainville which recently appeared in the NY Times where they said that the Quebec legislation was "Jeffersonian" in nature.

    I hope CJAD reaches out to them for comment on this NY legislation, maybe they will giggle like that coward Marois too.
  3. Kari posted on 01/17/2014 07:56 PM
    Words of wisdom from our neighbours to the south...........................
    Of course such wisdom will be lost on the PQ government as always.
    Such a sad state we have been put into by this government.
  4. bobby posted on 01/18/2014 09:20 AM
    To Clint.....
    It in my opinion .. Quebecers love Americans. They dislike Canadians.
  5. sick n tired posted on 01/18/2014 09:33 AM
  6. Sam posted on 01/18/2014 12:29 PM
    Bravo New York ! Shame on the extremely provincial government of Quebec. Liberate the Island of Montreal. Good luck Coderre .
  7. david g posted on 02/14/2014 06:48 PM
    You can't fix stupid.
    I can't beleive the polls that put the PQ'ers leading.......
    am I missing something ?
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