Still headaches for laid off Old Dutch workers

It's been about four months since over 220 Old Dutch workers were laid off.

And their headaches with the potato chip company continue as they seek rightful compensation for all their years of work at the Lachine plant.

Former union spokesman William Shadbolt told CJAD 800 News he's been fighting to get the final paperwork for workers who were on CSST workman's compensation.

"This week I spoke to an employee who still hadn't received any papers and they said, 'We've got to calculate when you worked your last day.' I'm sorry, this employee hadn't worked in over a year, they should know what day he actually stopped working," Shadbolt said.

Shadbolt said it's been a difficult time for his former co-workers as they're getting ready for their court battle with the company this fall after rejecting their final severance package offer, which would have given senior workers like himself with 30 years experience about six weeks of severance.

In the meantime, Shadbolt said some of his former colleagues have been going through job training and a few have found jobs but the majority have not.

"Some of them became depressed. As my wife told me, she said, 'Bill, just remember there's life after Old Dutch.' And that's what there is. You just have to keep pushing on and start a new life," Shadbolt said.

"It's just trying to get back into the swing of things and to find a job where it's similar in salary and benefits to what they had."

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