Fleur-de-lys flag give-away

Members of the Societe St. Jean Baptiste will be in the Metro system today, handing out Quebec flags in honour of the fleur de lys' 66th anniversary.

The blue and white flag was first flown over the National Assembly on this day in 1948, replacing the Union Jack.

In addition to the thousands of flags being handed out to commuters, you may also see the the fleur de lys painted on the snow in some public spaces.

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  1. joeN posted on 01/21/2014 08:11 AM
    When Canadian flags were being distributed for Canada day celebrations, this same group were screaming federal propaganda. Should we same the same now that were heading into another PQ led disaster of an election??
    1. more BS posted on 01/21/2014 09:58 AM
      @joeN Selective memory these people have.
  2. john posted on 01/21/2014 10:31 AM
    Thanks for the heads up in this matter . I'll be sure NOT to pick one up.
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