Coroner harshly critical of Grand Prix

A coroner's report is blasting Montreal's Grand Prix for lax safety standards that led to a fatal accident last summer.

Coroner Jacques Ramsey says it's hard to believe that an event supported by taxpayers' dollars is permitted to operate with only minimal safety precautions.

During last year's Grand Prix, volunteer Mark Robinson was crushed to death by the car lift he was escorting when he bent down to pick up the walkie-talkie he'd dropped.

Ramsey describes the aftermath of the race as a frantic time when teams seem to compete to see which can pack up to leave most quickly. He says the time after the race is as dangerous as the race itself.

Ramsey is supporting a Worker Health and Safety Board directive banning the use of car lifts until safety measures are revised. He says inspectors should be present before, during and after the race.

Ramsey also wants the race promoter to provide a detailed safety plan before the 2014 Grand Prix.

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