Bill 60 commission hears from Concordia

Concordia was the first university to appear before the National Assembly's commission on the PQ government's proposed secularism charter.

As expected, the university was hoping to see some significant changes to the legislation's ban on overt religious symbols.

Provost Benoit Antoine Bacon says universities should be places to exchange ideas, of tolerance and acceptance.

He stated the secularism charter does nothing to proomote that.

On top of making it harder to attract foreign students and staff, the charter may very well wind up driving talented, intelligent people away from Quebec.

He says Concordia's diversity is both its strength and its selling point to many students, including those from abroad.

He adds that Concordia is not about to refuse to provide an education to anyone based on how they are dressed.

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  1. hovig posted on 01/24/2014 12:27 AM
    That's one of the problems: Too many students from abroad and not enough from here in Quebec. Why should the rich kids from other countries get places for university while so many kids here who are poor struggle just to get by pre-university years? I do not see a reason to have so many foreign students. I'm not racist at all but just speaking up about a growing problem I see.
    1. GT posted on 01/24/2014 09:51 AM
      @hovig The problem is not the rich kids from other countries, it's the students leaving France and coming here seeking cheap education that we the taxpayers are providing. Among the many foreign students that come from former French colonies through France, the PQ's expectation is to standardize their appearance, language, and culture but never really accept them as Quebecois. Since most migrate to montreal, their vote does not amount to any PQ support on Island.
    2. Veektor_Smash posted on 01/24/2014 10:35 AM
      @hovig Are you kidding? you don't want people spending their money here in Quebec? to help us flourish and grow? you want this "rich" kids to go else where while we find a way to put poorer people into our school and make us lose money?

      Think about how so many people who will not come here to learn, think about all the people that will not come here to work and pay taxes and bring Quebec money.
  2. maria posted on 01/24/2014 09:21 AM
    This wake up call to "Hovig" - Without foreign students our University's would not be able to survive financially - students in Quebec pay the least amount of tuition in North America, it is the foreign students who pay the very high tuition, What the Quebec Gouv. should do is stop giving breaks to students which come from French speaking countries, and have them pay what other foreign students pay. that would help. The thing you have to understand is without foreign students our universities and Hospitals would not make it, the same goes for medical students from foreign countries, Their gov. pay for their residency.. So if this ridiculous charter gets through ,guess what we are in big big trouble.
  3. Melissa posted on 01/24/2014 10:08 AM
    I go to Concordia (as a quebec resident) and I see no problem in having foreign students here. If anything I am learning more with their different points of view than if my classmates were mainly Quebecois.
  4. Marla Novak posted on 01/24/2014 06:36 PM
    First of all the charter is nothing more than an attempt to remove any and all other religious symbols besides whatever the heck Marois is. The entire thing just proves how bigoted our Government has become, otherwise why are there people missing as in nuns, monks, cardinals, I can go on and on. As for you fools commenting about how "foreigners" are taking over places in school so they could pay less then where they come from. Guess you don't go to university, otherwise you would see it completely different. I am born, bred, and educated here in Quebec so no comments about that. Do you not realize they pay MORE than students here do? It is additional income for the schools and we do have 2 amazing Universities that each are the best anywhere in two different subjects. So most of them come here for the education. (since not everyone gets accepted) So you are bigoted as the rest of them
  5. Joe posted on 01/24/2014 09:25 PM
    This whole conversation is not worth anything. Drainville already said he I not listening.
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