Metros, shelters welcoming homeless during cold snap

Montreal's homeless are feeling the cold more than most.

And with Montreal's shelters packed, more and more are seeking warmth wherever they can find it.

That often means in the underground city and the metros. 

The Montreal transit authority says it is fine with the homeless using its metro stations for warmth on bitterly cold days, as long as they obey certain rules.

A rep says it's standard practice to be more hands off in the winter.

But no one can stay in the metros overnight, when stations are closed and locked.

Gary Carriere has been off and on the streets for about 15 years and while he now has an apartment, he says he spends a lot of time at the Old Brewery Mission.

He says the shelters are also a good place to go

"They can go to the Mission here, there's place at Acceuil Bonneau," he says. "They have a day room where people can go - they can stay out of the cold if they have the wherewithal to get there."

Most shelters are packed though. The Old Brewery Mission is using its cafeteria to sleep an extra 33 men.

But the Mission says no one will be turned away.

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