Queen of Angels Academy foundation stunned by plans to close school

Efforts underway to try to keep private Dorval school open

The foundation of a private Dorval school slated for closure says it's stunned by the news.

The board of directors at Queen of Angels Academy cites declining enrolment, rising costs and a ballooning deficit.

Foundation president Jennifer Frezza says the foundation was last approached by the board in 2011 when a strategic plan was put together.

"I was never made aware that things were this dire, that there was no hope for hope for a next year", Frezza told CJAD News.

There are now spoinoff groups that have formed in a bid to keep the school open, according to Frezza.

"Some parents have gotten together to try to find a solution to keep the school going, the alumni are banding together and they have petitions going and they have websites going", added Frezza

The plan is for the 125-year old, all-girls school to close at the end of the current school year.


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  1. Lisa Dowling-Marnell posted on 01/27/2014 01:15 PM
    So little has been done to save the school!

    I attended Queen of Angels Academy in the 1980's. I was shocked to learn it would close; I hadn't been made aware of the financial situation whatsoever. I would have been thrilled to work with other alumni, staff, families, etc to brainstorm ways to cut costs, fundraise, improve marketing efforts, and revamp program.

    I, like many alumni who have signed the petition through SAVEQAA.COM , would be eager to get involved and stop QAA from closing!
  2. Jenny Dion posted on 01/27/2014 04:35 PM
    I am heart-broken that this is happening. I cannot believe an incredible institution such as QAA is closing its doors. My daughter graduated from QAA in 2007. She loved her school and because of the incredible teachers that taught her, she decided to become a teacher herself. She was devastated when she heard the news. This is what happens when ANGLOPHONES give in to the "scare" tactics of the PQ government. They enroll their children (and PAY) for mediocre FRENCH education rather than pay for HIGH QUALITY education like QAA.... SHAME!!!!! It is a sad day... and it will get worst when ENGLISH parents bend over and take it from the French... We reap what sow... put our children in French schools and ALL English schools will have the same fate... exactly what the PQ government wants.

    PS: My daughter is a FRENCH teacher at LBP... fully-bilingual from QAA..... FOR SHAME!!! that's all I have to say. FOR SHAME...
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