Blowing snow causing fender-benders, pileups, highway closures

A view of this morning's monster pileup on the Laurentian Autoroute near Ste-Adele.

Much of the province got a little bit more snow than expected this morning, and that made Quebec's roads very messy and slippery — and dangerous.

And this afternoon's blowing snow is making matters a lot worse.

Transport Quebec and the Sûreté du Québec are reporting several weather-related minor accidents and fender-benders across their territory, as well as a few outright road closures, as visibility in some places has been reduced to virtually nil.

The weather is also being blamed for a monster 40-car pileup on the Laurentian autoroute south at Ste-Adele that left 3 people in critical condition in hospital, and up to 25 others injured.

Rescuers needed the Jaws of Life to free many of those people from their cars.

Transport department officials and the city of Montreal say that snow-clearing and sanding crews are out on the roads, trying to make them as navigable as possible.

In the meantime, they want to remind motorists that on days like today, winter driving rules apply — keep your speed down, and keep a safe distance between yourseslf and cars ahead of you.

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  1. Brian posted on 01/27/2014 05:16 PM
    "The weather is also being blamed for a monster 40-car pileup on the Laurentian "

    It/s likely the weather is about 10 % of the fault and 90% is to be blamed for this pile-up on poor driving habits When are drivers going to learn that there is a huge difference between winter and summer road stopping distances,particularly on black ice and/or in whites out conditions. Numerous times, under these conditions when I slowed down and used my warning flashers, I have been passed by vehicles going over 100+ KMS.,
    .Slow down and drive carefully , you may be arrive late but at least you be alive when you get there and wish a speedy recovery to those injured in this accident
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