Mayor of L'Assomption's future debated following arrest

The mayor of L'Assomption is facing questions about the future of his job.

Jean-Claude Gingras was arrested Friday night outside a local restaurant on impaired driving charges. He'd been arrested a year ago on similar charges.

But the mayor is claiming he's the victim of police harassment.

An emergency city council meeting will be held tonight to discuss Gingras' future.

The mayor insisted to a reporter after his arrest that he's no Rob Ford.

But like the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, Gingras is claiming the police case against him is politicized. And city council is wondering what to do with him.

Gingras also thinks a lawsuit over the force's collective bargaining agreement is behind what he believes is police harassment.

The mayor is expected to attend tonight's emergency meeting.

Photo: Hebdo Rive-Nord

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  1. joeN posted on 01/27/2014 03:06 PM
    If he feels he is the target of harrasment, maybe he should always have someone with him so that he has a witness to confirm that he is indeed harrassed. His word against the Police regardless of contract or other issues, if you drink and drive you are a danger to society. As for should be done, what do other employers do with repeat offenders on their payroll? Usually, you get a chance to correct your behavior, next time your out, point finale!
  2. ric posted on 01/27/2014 08:49 PM
    Why does everyone blame the police? Did the police get him drunk? Did the police make him drive drunk? Did the police make him drive drunk the first time a year ago? Face it jackass, you're the worst kind of alcoholic. You DRIVE DRUNK. How many times did you drive intoxicated and weren't caught by the police? You need to lose your job, jail time and fined. No sympathy for you.
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