Cabot Square to receive facelift, but no work to be done on metro entrance

Cabot Square

The Ville-Marie borough will spend $6.5 M to renovate downtown's Cabot Square, but city council still has no plans for its problematic metro entrance.

The money will be spent to embellish and expand the downtown park. New green spaces will be added as well as plants and trees.

Cabot Square also happens to be a popular hangout area for the homeless.

City Councillor Steve Shanahan is outraged by the borough and STM's decision to keep the access open.

"The STM insisted on keeping that entrance to the tunnel open, whereas everyone in the community, and I completely support this, insisted it be closed down."

Shanahan says that half of the $6.5 M should instead be spent on ressources to help the homeless in the area.

Instead of more greenery, he suggests spending the extra money or social workers for those in need.

"For so many years, Cabot Square has been a place where society has said : 'let's bulldoze the ugly side of society and not look at it. Let's give it a place to fester, let's make sure we contain it in there.

Those are the people we've given up on," he concluded.

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  1. Cindy posted on 01/29/2014 01:07 AM
    What this place needs is indeed social workers and street workers to help out with the homeless/panhandling situation. It can get quite scary there after dark. Lots of people are under the influence, they need a serious intervention.
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