The young and elderly generally spared as flu season reaching peak

Health officials expect flu season to reach it's peak in the next few days in a year where the young and the elderly were mostly spared.

At this time last year, 19 000 people had been diagnosed with the disease, though the season started two weeks earlier.

Microbioligist and infectiologist Caroline Quach say the number of cases this year is nothing out of the ordinary.

"It's a good season, but it's not a pandemic and it's not out of tune with what should be expected every year."

Generally, children under the age of 5 and seniors over 65 year old are those most at risk of catching the disease.

Surprisingly, Quach says that younger men represented 44 % of diagnosed cases this year.

"The 65 and over don't seem as affected as usual. We don't have a lot of elderly patients sick with influenza", she said.

"Those younger than five seem to be affected, but not extraordinarily more than in previous years."

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