Athletes, families worried about terrorism ahead of Sochi Games

Foreign affairs department issues warning

After three terrorist attacks in Russia since October and the Sochi Olympics less than two weeks away, the security of athletes is becoming more and more of a concern.

Canadian Foreign Affairs has issued a warning to athletes to take all precautions to ensure their safety. It says it's working with Russian authorities to provide the safest environment for Canadians, but that the Olympic Games are a high risk.

“A lot of the families are not going, and probably that is one of the reasons, given the possible security concerns and to keep the guys minds at ease, it’s probably easier if families don’t go,” Leo Luongo, the brother of Roberto Luongo who plays on the men’s hockey team, told CJAD.

Luongo said he was not attending because of work in Europe, but that he is concerned for his brother’s safety.

“I’m pretty certain my parents think about it a lot more than I do, it’s their son going over there, but anytime there is big events there’s security concerns, in this case it is a little more heightened.”

Canada has said that it will not be sending military. The US has called the Sochi games the biggest threat yet.

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