Military families given run-around for access to English education

The Quebec English School Boards' Association is calling on the education ministry to back off and cut the newly added red tape for military families in the province.

"They're not respecting Bill 101," said David D'Aoust of the QESBA. "Make no mistake, I think this is underhanded politics, this government could not get Bill 14 adopted it had to be withdrawn."

Bill 14 was killed before the Christmas break and was going to remove the right for military families here temporarily from sending their children to school in English. "I think this is underhanded politics," he said. D'Aoust said military families wanting to register their children in English school have been sent piles of documents, unknown to the school boards, and requires unnecessary and copious amounts of paperwork.

"All they need is a sworn document that they are in the military and their assignment is temporary," he said. "The department of National Defence told us, by virtue of the fact that you sign up to be a soldier, you're always assigned temporarily, and you can be reassigned at a moment's notice."

The Quebec education ministry issued a release saying it respects Bill 101.

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  1. maria posted on 01/30/2014 07:35 AM
    what is it with the PQ you tell them something is black they say no it is white!!! Why are they so confrontational. It is completly obvious that we will never get any thing done with them in power!! I WILL SAY IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN STEPHEN HARPER WERE ARE YOU STEP IN - THIS IS TO THE POINT OF ABUSE!!!
    1. GT posted on 01/30/2014 11:50 AM
      @maria Harper has no respect for the taxpayers as we have seen his handling of the senate scandals, the cancellation of home deliveries from Canada Post, his arogance towards militay families dealing with post traumatic syndrome, his global travels and consistently embaressing the Canadian population with his amateurish musical non talent. Why would anyone expect him to intervene in Quebec and end the constant abuse that the PQ heaps on non francophones?
  2. ric posted on 01/30/2014 09:37 AM
    This government of clowns needs a serious lesson. Everyone should REFUSE to speak french. Put up English only signs. We seem to be toooooo tolerant and accepting of these separatists. English is an official language and the language of the world. No amount of stupid pq laws can change that.
  3. George73 posted on 01/30/2014 05:00 PM
    Disgusting but typical of the PQ.

    Accept the advantage of a bilingual military that safeguards their freedom to spout intolerant views worthy of a third world country, then refuse to accept their constitutional responsibilities when it comes to support these brave souls.

    Shame on you Pauline. You dont deserve to live in this country or this province.
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