Laval English high school mergers spark anger, concerns

Some parents, students and teachers at Laval's English public high schools are ramping up opposition to a plan to merge the schools.

Laval Liberty and Laurier Senior High Schools would be grouped together as would Mother Theresa and Laval Junior High Schools.

The teachers union has come out against mega high schools, just like online petitions signed by hundreds of parents and students.

At a recent school board meeting, some Laurier Senior High students made their concerns known, such as increased bullying and losing part of their community.

"Already our schools don't really get along that well, so putting us in the same building would be a big danger towards us," one student told CTV News.

"It doesn't make sense why they would do this without listening to the students and listening to the parents who have all said no to this in the past," said another.

The Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board has said enrolment and allowing more access to some of its programs played a part in the decision to merge.

The parents' committee is for the mergers, but says it's being rushed, with the move expected July 1st, way before public consultations on the final plan, and without any answers about changes to things such as programs, librairies, or adjustments for special needs students.

"I don't see why one more year, we can't wait to execute the right plan," chairperson Jennifer Maccarone told CJAD 800 News.

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