MTC has been retro-fitting escalators with fail-safe switches: union official

A number of questions are being asked following yesterday's gruesome death an east-end metro station.

As well, police have provided an update in the case.

A 48-year old woman died when her scarf and her hair got stuck in an escalator at the Fabre station.

It's not clear if the scarf was trailing on the ground and got caught or if she fell.

Police say investigators have studied security video, but there's nothing conclusive about the precise circumstances of Thursday's tragedy.

One question being asked is: doesn't the escalator automatically stop when something gets stuck in it?

Brent McMillan is a business manager of the international union of elevator constructors in Montreal.

He says the Montreal Transit Corporation has been retro-fitting its escalators with fail-safe switches.

McMillan says users must always be cautious when using escalators.


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  1. Drew posted on 01/31/2014 12:31 PM
    First thing this is a sad. Why did anyone press the emergency button or was there one? I read in the journal it was a Hijab and hear a scarf well ????
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