Petition launched to save Queen of Angels Academy

In the days following the announcement that the current school year at Queen of Angels Academy would be its last, former students began mobilizing, looking for ways to keep the venerable all-girls high school open.

Last Thursday, the school's board of directors announced the school on Bouchard Blvd. in Dorval would close for good in June, with declining enrolment cited as the main reason.

One alumnus, Lisa Ellis, has come up with an online petition, urging the board of directors to step aside, so that someone else can take over.

"In their press release, [the board of directors] made it clear that they made it clear that they had tried everything and that they were committed to the school and the community," she writes. "If this were true, then why did they never consult staff or the community...wait to inform the community only DAYS before the bank recalled a loan...[and] make their positions so untouchable that they cannot be voted out or forced to step aside in favour of new blood?

"What the board HAS done is FAIL the community."

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, the petition has garnered 1,100 signatures. Its goal is 5,000.

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  1. markR posted on 01/30/2014 11:13 AM
    The board of directors have failed miserably, as the red flags were raised 4 years ago by parents of the students and tuition doubled. Mr. Vavaro claims that all viaible options were looked into in his email 2 hours prior to meeting with Parents. I as a parent of a graduating student of QAA can tell you, the public, that very little was ever shared by the board of directors during the last 4 years. Despite our many inquiries in subsequent parent nights, all we were told was that they had hired a real estate professional to help sell a portion of the land, and a few marketing options to increase the exposure of the QAA brand. Sadly, the BOD only moved on these options 2 years ago and it's my belief that the BOD was tired and too busy with their own priorities in life rather than focusing on making QAA work.
  2. jared posted on 01/30/2014 12:53 PM
    how about a petition to stop having my tax dollars fund private schools?
    1. GT posted on 01/30/2014 03:09 PM
      @jared You must have alot of space for rent between your ears. All homeowners pay school taxes which the School commision decides which public schools get what money. Private schools, are just that, private they are funded by tuition fees which are on top of the school taxes we homeowners pay. If you pay any school taxes, it does not go to private schools.
    2. MAry Margaret posted on 01/31/2014 12:27 PM
      @jared @jared Your "tax dollars" pay for may things, including education. Your "tax dollars" don't fund private schools, they fund students. Those students are the children of taxpayers and taxpayers alike. The amount per student provided to a private school is substantially less than the amount provided per student to a public school board.

      So @jared, do the math. Eliminate the funds that are provided per student to the private schools and they will cease to operate. The students will then attend public schools (because private schools no longer exist) and the amount per student provided to the school boards will increase. Your taxes will go up.

      Think about it.
  3. patrick posted on 01/30/2014 12:54 PM
    How about focusing on the deteriorating public education system rather than worrying where 100 rich students will go?
    1. GT posted on 01/30/2014 03:14 PM
      @patrick Hey Patrick you might want to educate yourself. In previous comments you posted on CJAD, people informed you that the majority of kids are not rich. Your everyday parent trying to give their daughters an opportunity for a more challenging and rewarding education vs the public system where there are plenty of uniformed people like yourself wasting resources and funding.
  4. Sara posted on 01/30/2014 01:12 PM
    The day is coming very soon when the private school system will not exist.. and I will celebrate.
    1. GT posted on 01/30/2014 03:18 PM
      @Sara Keep wishing. People like yourself will end up as the new homeless walking the streets of Montreal.
  5. s posted on 01/31/2014 07:59 AM
    how about going the route that Stantead College (in the eastern Townships) took by taking international students who pay a tuition of $55,000 per year. they have 15-20 students that board at board at the school. QAA once had boarders so why not? $55,000 x 15 international students could save the school.
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