Police investigating another suspected mole

A detective-sergeant in the organized crime division of the Montreal police department is the subject of an internal police investigation.

He is suspected of using his position to pass information on to the wrong people.

The investigation began last spring,  after the RCMP tipped off the Montreal police department.

The Journal de Miontreal this morning says the two forces along with CSIS, the Seurity Intelligence Service are all working the case now.

The police officer, who has not been charged, is believed to have passed information to a shady Iranian businessman , who is suspected of having ties to the Iranian intelligence service.

The police officer, who has not been named, has not been suspended but has been transferred to a non-sensitive desk job.

The investigation comes on the heels of the discovery of a high ranking mole on the force two years ago.

Ian Davidson, was a just retired detective-sergeant who had been accused of selling information on police informants to members of the underworld.

He committed suicide days after being identified as a suspect.

Last October, Benoît Roberge was arrested by his former colleagues,

He is in custody and awaiting a preliminary hearing on charges of breach of trust and gangsterism.

He's been accused of passing information on to members of the Hells Angels.

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  1. Joe posted on 01/30/2014 05:24 PM
    Another day , another scandal. They had one mole, now they have another, and just imagine how many they don't have yet. A few days ago the top four officers in SQ were all charged with theft , imagine what they haven't gotten caught for yet. This province is in dire straits, has anyone noticed how in the last few months, every day, the MUC, the SQ and the SAAQ are all out there handing out tickets , like they re giving away candy. I thought the cops were hired to fight CRIME. In the last few years there have been about 20 mob murders and NOT ONE SOLVED. I guess its true what they say, cops are only smart on TV, they always get their man , every week , week in and week out ! Hire more policemen , we want more tickets!
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