UPDATE: Interim Bixi CEO laid off, along with 11 other Bixi workers

The interim head of the Bixi organization, Michel Philibert, has been laid off, along with 11 other Bixi employees.

The news comes two weeks after the company, the Public Bike System Company, filed for bankruptcy protection, and one week after word came that management at Bixi paid themselves, and all of their employees bonuses back in December.

Philibert himself is said to have received a $14,000 bonus. Last week, he insisted the payouts were written into the workers' contracts.

Mayor Denis Coderre meanwhile reiterated his commitment to keeping the service running this summer. But he did hint that a shake-up was in the works.

"I want to protect the intellectual property, I want to make sure that we have - and we will - a season this summer," he said. "The next step is, 'And then what? What's the future of Bixi itself?'"

Opposition leader Richard Bergeron said he was glad Philibert had been dismissed, blaming him for Bixi's disastrous finances.

He wants an elected official to sit on Bixi's board, but Coderre said that with changes coming, the move wasn't necessary. 

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  1. sam posted on 02/03/2014 05:10 PM
    Laid off ?!? Is this going to cost you and me a lot ?
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