Fund for Dad and unborn baby grows to $100,000

Fundraising drive for father and unborn baby.

A fundraising drive for an unborn baby whose mother is brain dead in a Victoria hospital has grown to $100,000 as the family's plight tugs at heart strings across Canada.

Dylan Benson hoped to raise $36,000 so he could care for his son, already named Iver, on his own while grieving for his wife.

Robyn Benson is five months pregnant, and doctors are expecting to perform a caesarean section at the end of the month.

Dylan wrote in a blog post that Robyn was declared brain dead after being admitted to hospital in late December.

He says Robyn complained of a headache and asked him to get some pain killers from a pharmacy but when he returned home, she was unconscious on the bathroom floor.

Paramedics were unable to revive her.

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