Quebec bishops: say a little prayer to help block euthanasia bill

The Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops is appealing to all Quebec catholics to say a little prayer in a bid to block the province's proposed euthanasia law.

It's asking people to pray and ask their MNAs to look into their conscience when they vote on the proposed bill 52.

The assembly is also asking that the prayer be sent out next Tuesday, World Day of the Sick, and also the day when MNAs return to work at the National Assembly.

The Archdiocese of Montreal is also supporting the call.

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  1. Carla Mariano posted on 02/05/2014 03:54 PM
    This is a request that you consider the following facts and supporting arguments and, accordingly, vote against Bill 52, a proposed law that effectively legalizes euthanasia.
    • This bill will empower doctors to euthanize patients by intentionally and abruptly ending their lives with a lethal injection.

    • In Belgium, 32% of patients did not give consent (Canadian Medical Journal Association, 2010) and 47% of cases of euthanasia went unreported (British Medical Journal, 2010).

    • Research and experience has shown that all physical suffering can be alleviated with good palliative care.
    o Currently, as few as 20% of Quebecers in certain regions have access to palliative care in hospitals.
    o At home only 10% of Quebecers have access to palliative care.

    • The scope of this law may be eventually extended to include as potential victims:
    o Depressed individuals, a group that is now being euthanized in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    o Children may be euthanized, in certain circumstances, if the recommendation of the Quebec Human Rights Commission is followed.
    o Patients who receive an incorrect diagnosis or prognosis. [Specifically, this is because in about 50% of the cases, doctors cannot accurately predict when a person with a severe chronic disease will die in the next six months].
    o Patients, whose cases are so burdensome and overwhelming, may be euthanized on the initiative of either the patient him/herself or the medical staff and/or family members.
    o Individuals as young as 14-years-old may choose to end their lives without parental consent.
    After due reflection of these facts and arguments, it is hoped that you will vote NO against Bill 52.
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