There's now a Quebec version of the NDP

It's official now — the New Democratic Party now has a Quebec wing again. Last Thursday, Quebec's director general of elections officially sanctioned the creation of the new provincial party.

It's leader, former Jack Layton adviser and federalist Pierre Ducasse, suggests it's unlikely the new party will field candidates in the upcoming Quebec election.

The Quebec version of the NDP is now the 20th party that's been officially recognized by the province's electoral authorities.

A Quebec NDP existed until 1994, when it split from the federal party over the question of Quebec independence. It then became the Parti de la Démocratie Socialiste, which after two more name changes and several more platform tweaks, became today's Québec Solidaire.

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  1. markR posted on 02/04/2014 07:35 PM
    NDP = New Dumb Party. What a waste of votes!
  2. Hannah posted on 02/05/2014 12:31 AM
    Why not sooner? Why do they have to be for separation? Can't they just drop that rotten lemon?
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