Human Rights Commission says we urgently need independent bureau to investigate police

Following the death of Alain Magloire, the homeless man who was shot dead by police Monday, Quebec's Human Rights Commission says the government needs to accelerate the process of creating an independent bureau to investigate police shootings.

“The law was passed, there’s no reason why it can’t be implemented quickly,” Jacques Frémont, President of Quebec’s Human Rights Commission, said.

“One hundred and eight people were shot by police in Quebec in the last ten years and only two police men have been taken to court, so there is something profoundly wrong in the system right now, that is why we are calling for urgency for the setting up of that mechanism.”

Frémont added that Quebec is one of the only provinces in Canada without such a system.

Stéphane Bergeron, Quebec's public health minister, says the independent bureau will be established in 2015 and within a few weeks, he will be hiring a director to lead it.

“In the meantime, we do have independent inquiries lead by police officers from another police force and we are working with the École National to implement a program for the officers. We are in the process of finishing the framework,” Bergeron said.

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