Butting heads over service cuts to 747 express airport bus


Montreal's airport authority says it's upset the highly-successful 747 express bus to Trudeau Airport has been subject to what it calls unjustified service cuts and increased fares.

The Aéroports de Montreal says their numbers show the airport bus service has been cut by 30 per cent. It's also unhappy that passengers have to pay ten dollars now compared to seven dollars four years ago.

The airport authority says that has a negative impact on a service that has seen the number of passengers growing by leaps and bounds: in 2010, there were over 716-thousand passengers; last year, there were over 1.4-million riders.

'It's an essential service," says ADM spokesperson Christiane Beaulieu. "While the [Dorval Circle reconstruction project] is a never-ending story...this is like a double-penalization for the airport."

But STM vice-chairman Marvin Rotrand disputes the ADM's numbers, adding that "they're not technically cuts."

"We've brought the number of buses back down to our norms," Rotrand said.

"The last thing taxpayers and riders want is too much service on a route that can bear that extra service, that if people see some buses going to the airport with only a couple of passengers, they wonder whether there is a scheduling problem there."

Rotrand also argued that the $10 express bus pass is still a good deal that allows travellers to take the metro and bus for an extra 24 hours afterwards.

Rotrand said they plan on meeting with the ADM to discuss their concerns.

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  1. Drew posted on 02/07/2014 12:43 AM
    STM vice-chairman Marvin Rotrand motto is " If it is not broken lets break it" We are the only province that does not have rapid transit to there International airport. The bus service worked well I have used it many times. It will be" get to the airport any way you can and good luck"
  2. daemoncan posted on 02/25/2014 10:29 AM
    IMHO, I think the STM was looking to make some coin on this route (@ $10 a head). Instead it's largely used by airport employees who already have bus passes.
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