Premier ready to break fixed election law

Pauline Marois
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Quebec's law that created a fixed election date may not last one government mandate before it's broken.

Pauline Marois says it's legitimate for her to break the law, which was passed last June and was her government's own initiative.

"I have the right to decide to go to election," she says.

According to the law, Quebec should not hold another election until October 3, 2016.

It makes no exception for minority governments, though it can not supersede the power of the lieutenant governor who would call an election at the premier's request.

But, Marois says as long as the opposition can topple her government she deserves to be on equal footing.

She says she would abide by the fixed election date only if the other parties pledge to do so as well.

"If they accept to continue until the end of the four years, and if they accept to adopt the laws to work for the progress of Quebec, ok."

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  1. maria posted on 02/06/2014 05:50 PM
    what a joke!!! From day one ever since they have come into power it has been one bad joke after another!!! I can not believe that they will actually spend our money or money they don't have to call another election!!!
  2. Pierrefonds Guy posted on 02/06/2014 06:00 PM
    LMAO!!!!!! This is sooooo PQ!!
    "We will do whatever we want when we want to" !!!!
    Doesn't that remind anyone of a spoilt child having a tantrum?
    It reminds me of what they (PQ), said when they lost the last referendum: "We will continue to hold referendums until we get what we want"!!!
    Please, Mme Marois, listen to the quiet voice of the masses: "shut up!"
  3. Jacob posted on 02/06/2014 06:06 PM
    Ok, so if I understand correctly, she has a minority government, but says that the opposition is not allowed to oppose her and in doing so topple the government.
    Essentially she wants everyone to agree with her, because that's how democracy works in the banana republic of Quebec!!
    On the other hand she has the right to effectively rescind a law that she has just put into place because she feels like it?? What was the point of this law in the first place?? What if the population at large decided that they disagreed with the income tax laws and decided to skip paying taxes??
  4. clint posted on 02/06/2014 06:13 PM
    I am Pauline.....I make the laws around here.
    Just wants to not be defeated at anything before an election.
    If the law can be changed that easily.....then it should never have been implemented.
  5. sam posted on 02/06/2014 08:10 PM
    Marois break her own law? Can all of us normal Quebecers too? Can we say we have the right to wear what we want while serving the public? The charter of intolerance? Do we have the right to break this encouragement to hate crime? What a place?
  6. Daemoncan posted on 02/06/2014 11:11 PM
    "If they accept to continue until the end of the four years, and if they accept to adopt the laws to work for the progress of Quebec, ok."

    Translation: "Don't have any confidence votes & pass everything I propose, and I won't break a law that I had passed, because despite that fact that we have a minority government, I'm pretending otherwise."
  7. Drew posted on 02/07/2014 12:18 AM
    If it is the law how can she break it. Oh stupid me I forgot she is above the law.
  8. more BS posted on 02/07/2014 07:54 AM
    In other words I can make up my own rules when it suits me. Others cannot.
    I can twist the truth to obtain the ultimate goal.
  9. Paul posted on 02/07/2014 07:55 AM
    In Quebec, the law has become a nuisance!
  10. joeN posted on 02/07/2014 08:38 AM
    The PQ has been consistent with their approach.They'll announce changes laws, proposed laws, government governance, etc, only to change their mind because it no longer suits their needs. Same for commisions, white papers, blue papers, whatever else they dream of, it boils down to they don't really care what is in your best interest it's their twisted logic that takes precidence. We are in a horrible ride while the economy tanks and Queen Marois flies over Quebec in her personal helicopter making phoney announcements and gifts to off island communities where the master puppateer (Lisee) comes out in her defence and then tries to taunt the non supporters.
  11. Marguerite posted on 02/07/2014 08:59 AM
    Can someone explains to me what she means "it's legitimate for her to break the law". Is she meaning she is above the law. Maybe she is just delusional.
  12. Kat posted on 02/07/2014 10:59 AM
    Why not. She has already broke human rights laws. Besides , after the track record the PQ have in the last 14 months Pauline's PQ laws should be broken. *;)
  13. Bad karma to them posted on 02/07/2014 12:10 PM
    Well what goes around comes around. If she is making up the rules as she goes along hopefully the pq will get voted out. Then all the rules, bills, exception, deceptions, discrimination are good enough for any other party to follow suit.
    Any hardship and bad consequences going forward is direct result of the pq and anyone whom voted them in. I hope they each and everyone one of them get treated the way they have treated minorities, it is what they truly deserve. You cannot believe anything which comes out of her mouth; looking at photos of her is nothing more than shear arrogance and self righteousness. She does not reflect an air of honesty or being trust worthy.
  14. clint posted on 02/07/2014 12:39 PM
    I am Pauline....I am the law.
  15. Sam posted on 02/07/2014 03:20 PM
    "from a distance..." From the lofty viewpoint of Marois' LuftLimo helcopter, Quebec's body is a wonderland of robust economy and no waiting times for essential health care. In Marois' Quebec, laws that she creates for others do not apply to her. From Marois' LuftLimo, there is no intolerance in the Charter of Intolerance. As Lisée is her pilot, nothing can go wrong .... until he dumps her out onto some poor misled member of the electorate.
  16. Ian Graham posted on 02/07/2014 09:03 PM
    Who is going to stand up to this clown in sheeps clothing,
    could Couillard or legault grow some balls and challenge this
    wacko she seems to have developped a sense of superiority due to the lack of opposition I am guessing! Guys she is a minority government get together and bring her down!!!
  17. Karla Liebrandt posted on 02/08/2014 11:29 AM
    I don't think she is breaking the law, here. The law stipulates that an election be held every 4 years at the maximum, no later. However, I'm sure the sitting premier has the choice to call one within those 4 years, if they want to. In the case of a minority government, if public sentiment is favourable to the incumbent, this will happen. But if public opinion is hostile, of course not! The only group at risk presently is the CAQ. If an election is held soon, their support will decrease and they know it. So, no chance of a non-confidence vote anytime soon. Premier Marois is in the driver's seat and she knows it. This happens all the time, whether it is federal or provincial. No big deal.
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