WATCH: Hundreds gather to bid farewell to Alain Magloire

He may have lived alone in the streets, but hundreds came to say their final goodbyes to Alain Magloire.

The 41-year-old man who was shot dead by Montreal police on Monday.

Many who came to the ceremony were shocked to find out he was mentally troubled and homeless.

High school friend Nicolas Lepore said Magloire was one of the kindest friends he had.

"He was one of the best basketball players at school and among the best students. He helped me a lot with my homework, we were always together," Lepore told CJAD.

So when the news of Magloire's death broke, he didn't believe it. He had to search the Internet in order to confirm that the homeless man police shot dead was in fact his old friend.

"I was shocked when I heard he was on the streets. How come a guy like that, so brilliant, so intelligent, so... everything, was on the streets," Lepore asked, tears in his eyes.

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  1. adrien posted on 02/08/2014 09:57 PM
    o What a total mess. So where is the night sticks? Cops today are afraid to take a person one on one. Does that mean that training is the problem? I worked on a unit for the Criminally Insane back in the late 60ties and the one rule that was observed was you don't hit the patient. You talk him/her down or you go in on force (no weapons in hand but a nurse with a needle). We never went in with a gun. Lack, lack of training. Easier to kill and forget. I don't blame the cops. I blame the educational system that obviously (in my opinion.) they do not get. And if the upper echelon say they are getting it then they are dead wrong.
    o Seven (7) cops and they were afraid to tackle him??? Please be careful out there. Don't jay walk or break a window for you will pay dearly.
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