Liberal MNA backtracks on prediction of PQ win

Long-time Liberal MNA Henri Francois Gautrin.

A long-time Liberal MNA now says he's confident the Quebec  Liberals will form the next government if a spring election is held.

In an earlier interview with Canadian Press, Henri Francois Gautrin suggested the PQ would win and possibly form a majority government but Gautrin says the article fails to represent how he feels about an upcoming vote.

Recent polls have suggested the PQ had a significant lead among French-speaking voters, who decide the majority of the province's 125 ridings.

That has fuelled speculation Premier Pauline Marois will call the election in early March, thus sending Quebecers to the polls in April.

Gautrin based his scenario on the Coalition for Quebec's Future losing support and having it gobbled up mainly by the PQ.

Marois could emerge with a slight majority or form another minority government with more seats, he told The Canadian Press.

Current standings in the national assembly are: PQ, 54; Liberals, 49; Coalition, 18; Quebec solidaire two; and two Independents.

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  1. JG posted on 02/10/2014 08:32 PM
    If I were the liberal leader, I would be getting rid of this optimist in short order
  2. beerdrinkingnick posted on 02/10/2014 08:35 PM
    Henri-Francois Gautrin please sit down shut up or find some-else to take your seat. please give us a reason to vote for you..
  3. Joe posted on 02/10/2014 08:58 PM
    Talk about putting Couillard under the bus. Time for this guy to go, talk about not being a team player, must be a closet separatist, Parizeau torpedoes Marois. this jerk throws her a life line.
  4. clint posted on 02/10/2014 09:48 PM
    well....someone got a tongue lashing
  5. Murray posted on 02/10/2014 09:48 PM
    A PQ win would be super! Then we could have a referendum, Quebec could become independent and then the new Quebec could apply for foreign aid from Haiti.
  6. joeN posted on 02/11/2014 11:43 AM
    1st it was Houda Pepin, now it's this clown. It raises the question on the calibre of liberal representatives. This seriously damaged Philippe Flop's credibility as a leader in control. Wasn't the last party get together supposed to get the party to fully understand what "united we stand, divided we fall" really means?? Hey guys, we want more of PQ in fighting not Liberal misalignment!!!! Get on the damn same page.
  7. Simon Leduc posted on 02/11/2014 03:38 PM
    Quand même les vieux rouges ne font pas confiance au chef Couillard! J'espère honnêtement que les libéraux vont demeurer dans l'opposition. Monsieur Gautrin n'est même pas apte à se reprendre lui-même, du fameux PLQ!!!
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