Quebec warns feds about budget

No "nasty surprises" this time, PQ says

Quebec finance minister Nicolas Marceau.

The Quebec government sent a firm message to Ottawa on the eve of the latest federal budget: no more "ugly surprises'' for Quebecers.

A pair of Parti Quebecois cabinet ministers issued a joint statement Monday outlining a list of demands directed at Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who will unveil his budget Tuesday.

"The last federal budget included some ugly surprises for Quebecers,'' Finance Minister Nicolas Marceau said in the statement, which was also presented on behalf of Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Alexandre Cloutier.

"This year, we're asking the federal government beforehand not to provoke new squabbles and to avoid causing harm to the Quebec economy.''

The message was sent to Ottawa amid widespread speculation Premier Pauline Marois could call a spring election even before her pro-independence PQ tables its own budget.

The PQ statement lists nine categories under which the Quebec government opposes federal economic policies, including Ottawa's new infrastructure plan, its federal skills-training program and changes to transfer payments the province says have caused "important losses.''

Recent polls have suggested the minority PQ has gained in popular support, a boost Marois could see as an opportunity to secure a majority mandate in the next election.

If re-elected to a majority, Marois has promised her party would consult Quebecers on whether the province should hold another referendum on independence.

Her government's message to Ottawa was also sent on a day former PQ premier Jacques Parizeau issued his own warning to Quebec City, as he raised concerns over the state of the province's struggling economy.

Parizeau, an economist, cited two recent studies on the Quebec economy and wrote that Quebecers are spending more money than they can afford.

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  1. LMAO posted on 02/10/2014 03:54 PM
    "This year, we're asking the federal government beforehand not to provoke new squabbles and to avoid causing harm to the Quebec economy.''

    Yes we have had enough ugly surprises coming from our own Quebec budgets and if you send us more we will squeem and squeem and squeem and stomp our feet.

    What a joke they are they run us into a 2.5 Billion deficit and then blame it all on the Feds who send them the money to fund their debt load.
    1. Tipical posted on 02/11/2014 10:51 AM
      @LMAO It's par for the course, the PQ have always blamed everyone else when situations they feel are not in their favor. The usual comments are it's the Federal governments fault, or it's the rich anglos, or the immigrants, or it's the liberals.
    2. AnneD_3569 posted on 02/16/2014 10:35 AM
      @LMAO Message to all Quebecers.. "Free Enterprise" Take back your power ! Move away from your power hungry politicians ! Ignore them ! Your only chance is to do what you can with what you have ! Your politicians are only concerned with their own unfulfilled dreams of glory ! They do not know how to "manufacture " Jobs - if they did , they would not keep putting so many obstacles in the way such as limiting the Language used by businesses ! Forcing private companies to conform to their vision of society ! Please Quebec citizens - do your homework ! study how other countries do business ! understand for yourself WHY the PQ are unable to ever reach success with the methods they are currently using. Listen.. consumerism is what it is .. businesses are in business to make money, its not a 'vocation" this is how the world works. If you do not want to be a part of this you need to scale back your standard of living, go back to the land , farm... Quebec is broke -almost bankrupt ! the government does not know how to cope with this, short of being bailed out by the Feds -again and again. is this what you want for your family and children ??
  2. markR posted on 02/10/2014 04:01 PM
    PQ economics, blame the federal gov't for all their economic blunders. And send more money our way or else we break up the country. What a 3 ring circus Quebec has become under the PQ reign.
  3. lydia posted on 02/10/2014 04:04 PM
    Is that sneaky or what? Blaming OTTAWA for the shabby economy.It is your own doing,so suck it up butter cup
  4. clint posted on 02/10/2014 04:11 PM
    The tail trying to wag the dog.
    If you ran this Provice responsibly you would be cooperating with Ottawa and not threatening.
  5. More BS posted on 02/10/2014 04:54 PM
    This is like a panhandler telling the person there panhandling to how much money to give them.
  6. jonico posted on 02/10/2014 07:24 PM
    Message to Marceau - why don't you do your job right instead of blaming Feds & everyone else. Oh, that's true, you're a useless separatist taking up space & tax payers money.
  7. Paul posted on 02/11/2014 10:53 AM
    $8 Billion in federal equalization payments to Quebec (50% of the total) and the best we can do is a $3 Billion deficit. The PQ has a patent on nasty surprises. When are we going to stop needlessly duplicating federal services (rhetorical question - we would rather go broke).
    1. AnneD_3569 posted on 02/16/2014 10:40 AM
      @Paul Two Words- "Free Enterprise" ! the PQ is poison ! Time to leave them behind ! Your on your own folks !
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