Drainville, Lisée denounce EMSB's stance on charter

Minister Bernard Drainville opening the hearings on the secularism charter.
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

Bernard Drainville, the PQ minister responsible for the secularism charter, says the English Montreal School Board is being "irresponsible" when it says it would not adhere to Bill 60 if it were ever to become law.

The board is scheduled to appear Wednesday evening before the ongoing charter hearings in Quebec City.

"I do not think it is very responsible on the part of a public institution such as the English Montreal School Board to say they are not going to respect the law, and that they are going into a process of civil disobedience," Drainville says.

Fellow minister Jean-Francois Lisée, meanwhile, says his party is open to looking at how it could help the EMSB adopt Bill 60.

"Although we're firm on the objectives, we are flexible on the means on how to get from the current situation to the next situation," Lisée says. "We're open to ideas."

He adds that once the charter is adopted, he expects all Quebecers to respect the law.

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  1. Robert posted on 02/12/2014 01:11 PM
    So will the PQ" respect the law" by waiting till the predetermined election date? I doubt it.
  2. Fedup posted on 02/12/2014 01:17 PM
    What was the point of these hearings... the govt does not want to hear anything that is against the charter so the entire process is window dressing.
    This is just a waste of time and money. Typical PQ garbage.
    Drainville and the gang are myopic on this subject.
    They should write a book on how to destroy a province (yes, a province, not a country) in 10 easy steps.
  3. Kat posted on 02/12/2014 01:23 PM
    Notice how they are trying to keep everyone's focus on this Charter? *; )
  4. Veektor_Smash posted on 02/12/2014 01:46 PM
    EMSB should take a page out of Marois' book and use the following line

    "It's legitimate for us to break the law"

    If it can work for Marois, why can it not work for anyone else?
    1. George73 posted on 02/12/2014 03:19 PM
      @Veektor_Smash Exactly. Marois has already stated that she can ignore a law that her own government adopted. And now her minion takes offence at the thought that EMSB will oppose a law rooted in racism.
  5. Wendy Ramsey posted on 02/12/2014 02:03 PM
    Good on them! Stick to your guns guys - miserable bunch of bullies - none of us should obey any of these stupid laws concerning language and/or religion. They are getting away with treating the minorities with utter disrespect and will accomplish nothing but driving more and more of us out of our homes and businesses! They DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT - fight back against the injustices of these separatist elitists. Do not follow anything they say! There are not enough jails to hold all of us!
    1. AnneD_3569 posted on 02/13/2014 12:29 PM
      @Wendy Ramsey Yes !! I can hardly wait until this bunch of loonies crash , and crash hard ! its been years since I was so fired up ! "We SHALL overcome !"
  6. Jeff In MTL posted on 02/12/2014 02:17 PM
    "I do not think it is very responsible on the part of a public institution such as the Quebec Government To Introduce a Divisive and Bigoted Law All the While ignoring all the other problems this province faces" -The Rest of Quebec
  7. Murray posted on 02/12/2014 02:24 PM
    “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.
    1. George73 posted on 02/12/2014 03:24 PM
      @Murray Perfect. This should be a rallying cry to turf these bigots out of office. In an ideal world they would also be stripped of their tax payer funded pensions for promting hatred. (Note: lets get away from the 'intolerance" and call it what it is. No need to be politically correct, when the politicians themselves are unable to tolerate opposing opinions - as in Drainvilles outburst against the UdeM rector the other day.)
  8. Neil Smith posted on 02/12/2014 02:30 PM
    Hats off to the EMSB for standing up and not adhering to an outrageous Bill. I fully support their move and stand behind them in their civil disobedience.
  9. Ben posted on 02/12/2014 02:54 PM
    Did Lisée say open to ideas? The PQ has been nothing but stubborn and close-minded throughout their mandate. I don't trust any of these people to run a responsible government. If EMSB stand up for what they believe is just, which they are, they have more integrity and courage than we can say for the PQ who has lost all credibility.
    1. AnneD_3569 posted on 02/13/2014 12:33 PM
      @Ben Zombies ! that's what they are ! take a close look at the eyes... supposedly the windows of the soul... look closer... nope ! no one s home..
  10. Gerry posted on 02/12/2014 03:00 PM
    "He adds that once the charter is adopted, he expects all Quebecers to respect the law."
    Interesting point. He of course is assuming that Montreal will choose to remain a part of Quebec.
  11. George73 posted on 02/12/2014 04:02 PM
    My understanding is that Mr. Lisee was quite a respected journalist before he signed on to the pig trough of Quebec politics. As each day goes by he risks becoming a charicature of the ignorant and intolerant policies his party spits. I'd like to think that he better hope that the PQ win the next election lest he be cast onto the street to go to a Service Canada office to apply for unempoyment. But unlike the victims of his party's policies that is a fate that will never befall him. There will always be a Director position on some company board or a position on a newspaper owned by a PQ-supporting media-mogul to ensure that any transition in his career never even becomes a financial blip. He's proven himself to be a smart man and one for the words. I'd be very interested to know what formal education in the English language this minister got. His command of English (both written and spoken) is such that I suspect he had avenues open to him that his party aims to suppress for others.
  12. Don posted on 02/12/2014 04:14 PM
    re " He adds that once the charter is adopted, he expects all Quebecers to respect the law"

    1. Anne posted on 02/13/2014 12:03 PM
      @Don Is this fool ever in for one huge surprise ! Perhaps the PQ are used to being obeyed by their minions ... the rest of us have more gumption it would seem ! I can't wait for them to be overwhelmed by thousands of disobedient right minded citizens ! Bring back the tumbril I say !
  13. uphillbattle posted on 02/12/2014 05:42 PM
    Let's review:

    According to Drainville, the EMSB is "irresponsible" for saying they would disobey the law.

    So, when a Canadian Supreme Court Judge (retired) says charter would violate rights and freedoms (the law) and the President of Quebec Bar says similar things ("the Charter is a vindictive act"), Drainville says............................

    What an ignorant person he is.
  14. sam posted on 02/12/2014 07:29 PM
    Ms. Drainville and Lisée, the history of civil disobedience is long and more respectable than the history of supremacism and restrictions on minority rights.
    Henry David Thoreau's classic essay Civil Disobedience inspired Martin Luther King and many other activists.
  15. Luba posted on 02/12/2014 08:02 PM
    There are many questions that I have never heard anyone ask Bernard Drainville about Bill 60 since he is in charge of this charter of Quebec values. When will Mr. Drainville answer these questions or will he? I think it is important for Quebecers to learn what lies ahead of us before the next election when it comes to Bill 60. We have a right to know where our rights stand with the Parti Quebecois?

    Will the media reporters have the courage to ask the PQ these questions at the next press conference?

    1. Will the PQ be hiring more police investigators at the expense of Quebec tax-payersto watch what we are wearing and doing?

    2. Will Quebecers be fired from their jobs for not adhering to Bill 60 and refuse to remove their headwear etc?

    3. What will happen to the JEWISH GENERAL HOSPITAL if it doesn't adhere or abide by Bill 60 since it is a JEWISH hospital to begin with?

    4. Will all the Mezuzahs have to be removed from the door-frames at the JGH or anything that identifies them as being a Jewish hospital since it was built on private donations when "Quebec" refused to allow Jewish doctors to practice in other french hospitals in Quebec many years ago?

    5. Will kosher food be removed from the JGH and schools that do serve food at their institutions?

    6. Will we have to wear IDs to show which religion we are when we enter the JGH or any other hospital in Quebec?

    7. Will STUDENTS (not the faculty members) who attend our schools and universities be permitted to wear Kippas, Turbans, Hijabs, or any other religious headwear at these institutions? What about Priests, Ministers, Rabbis, etc who do enter these institutions when they are needed, will they be forced to remove their identifiable clothing?

    8. How will Bill 60 affect private schools etc?

    9. If men attend a court case wearing a Kippa etc, will they be forced out of the court-room because of what they are wearing on their heads and refuse to remove what they are wearing?

    10. How will companies who do wear religious headwear and identifiable clothing etc (side curls too) be treated by the PQ when it comes to doing business with the Government?

    11. Will religious Chapels at the JGH or other hospitals in Quebec be forced to close down their religious rooms etc for prayers?

    12. What will happen to those who do discriminate against me because of my religion?

    13. Are the PQ ready to defend my rights when it comes to MY HUMAN RIGHTS just like Quebecers who are not religious?

    14. Will Circumcisions still be permitted by those who want it because of religious reasons?

    15. What will happen to us when we refuse to abide by this unjust Bill 60?

    16. Will we be fined for breaking the law of Bill 60 if it is passed?

    17. If we are fined, and refuse to pay the fines etc, will we be put into prisons?

    18. How do the PQ plan to collect the money if there are fines?

    19. Will Bill 60 change the rules when it comes to speaking ENGLISH with Anglophones and Allophones even though we have Bill 101?

    20. What will happen to our cities and towns who refuse to abide by Bill 60?
    1. Anne posted on 02/13/2014 12:05 PM
      @Luba the PQ will be ignored - royally and completely !
  16. Tynome posted on 02/12/2014 08:14 PM
    Are we still on the subject of having the liberty to parade our silly religious signs in people's faces?
  17. LMAO posted on 02/13/2014 06:35 AM
    When did these hearings become a trial????
  18. joeN posted on 02/13/2014 08:51 AM
    Mr. Drainville, what happened to having a respectful debate on your charter of intolerance? I guess it's respectfull so long as it's on the same page as your playbook. We can only hope that the feeble minded supporters of this discriminatory charter see the light and realize they have been manipulated like puppets.
  19. ml posted on 02/13/2014 12:11 PM
    I am an born english quebecer of 4 generations. I will wear my scarf in winter and my crucifix around my neck and speak english. By the way Marois has a 514 number so she can be admitted in the JGH mental ward. We will take her in as an emergency case.
  20. Joe posted on 02/13/2014 03:59 PM
    This is an exercise in futility. The PQ has no intention of passing this law, they are using it to get the French vote they are missing for the magic majority, then they will drop this issue like the hot potato it is, and go in the original direction they are aiming for, which is the separation of Quebec from the ROC. This law is a smokescreen for them, but it has the population riled up in the us or them direction that this province has been at an economical standstill for the last 5 months (and more) over problems that do not exist to deflect the real problem here which is the economy. They know that that they will be laughed at worldwide and betrayed as racists (which they really are) on an international stage which could hurt their stature as a future country if they ever pull it off.
  21. sam posted on 02/14/2014 11:59 PM
    Duplessis ! Are we allowed to say this word in the same paragraph as Drainville and Lisée and Marois? Duplessis
  22. Richard posted on 02/16/2014 10:01 AM
    The promoted civil disobedience when it marched in the streets with the students
    They refused to condone student violence
    They seem to be ready to break their own election law

    Yet they expect us ro respect the law
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