CAQ accuses PQ of "blackmail"

Finance minister Nicolas Marceau
Angelica Montgomery/CJAD

A CAQ MNA says he was told by the Parti Quebecois to stop talking about controversial dealings between the premier's husband's company and the FTQ solidarity fund.

But, it's a story the Parti Quebecois denies.

The CAQ's Christian Dubé is trying to pass a bill that would change how the FTQ solidarity fund is managed.

He says the finance minister's staff told his party his bill would not move forward as long as the CAQ kept talking about Claude Blanchet's company and money he may have made thanks to the FTQ solidarity fund.

Dubé says he's since brought the matter to the minister himself.  "I told him that blackmail was not acceptable."


The Finance minister's press secretary says no one on staff ever told Dubé to stop talking about the Marois-Blanchet affair. "We only said that we didn't appreciate it."

Mélanie Malenfant says the PQ never had the intention of calling Dubé's bill into law because the government plans to introduce its own bill.

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  1. George73 posted on 02/14/2014 03:57 PM
    I doubt anyone believes - other than those in the hinterlands that rely on PQ largesse to support their insular lifestyles at the expense of tax payers that depend on interactions with the real world to generate their taxable income - that corruption was only confined to the 9 years of Liberal government.

    Corruption doesnt respect political parties. It deals with whomever is in power at the time. Go back far enough, and I'm sure one could drag up stuff on the PQ from the time they were in power before the Charest governement.

    So the PQ doesnt like the accusations leveled at her matriarch. Boo-hoo. Why is it that everyone else is fair game, but we are supposed to believe that the PQ are genetically indisposed to corruption?
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