"If Quebec were a country" trending

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      Quebec's federalist/sovereignist battle is spilling over into social media, but the arguments have now encompassed Canada's Olympic athletes.

      The Minister of Higher Education , Research , Science and Technology Pierre Duchesne is being criticized in some quarters for Tweeting an image from Sochi of Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe wearing blue and white fleur de lys mittens.

      The image , is a photoshop of an image taken shortly after they had won gold and silver in the Women's Freestyle Moguls event.

      In the original photo the women are wearing red and white Canadian maple leaf mittens.

      Duchesne retweeted the doctored version this week, with the comment "superbe" which set off flurry of supportive and negative replies.

      "If Quebec was a country is also trending."

      In that case, sovereignist are comparing the Quebec medal count to the rest of Canada.

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      1. Barcham posted on 02/13/2014 08:41 AM
        If Quebec were a country...they would not have enough money for an Olympic program at all, much less enough money to send athletes to the Games in Russia.

        One of the most heart warming images of these Olympic Games was seeing the sisters receiving their medals and listening to the CANADIAN ANTHEM being played while tears came down their cheeks as they held their hand over their hearts. It was the perfect symbol of how well this country can work when people allow it to. But here we have this dirtbag modifying an image showing how proud these athletes are to be CANADIAN into something it was never meant to be. I am DISGUSTED.
      2. joeN posted on 02/13/2014 08:45 AM
        What an ignoramus, but again this is typical PQ underhanded behavior. You rob these 2 olympians of the pride of representing Canada after their hard work at being the best in their sport category. Pierre you and the PQ have no class in politics nor being a human being.
      3. clint posted on 02/13/2014 09:04 AM
        Was just a question of time before the separatists stuck their nose into the Olympic games.
      4. leo posted on 02/13/2014 09:16 AM
        Hey Dushame,
        It sucks not having a country, right? Like a homeless bum, you wonder aimlessly looking for you hole to crawl into for the night?
        It hope you find your home soon.
        1. Buddy Kaybay posted on 02/13/2014 10:40 AM
          @leo Leo, I think I love you.

          In a strictly platonic way, of course.
      5. Todd posted on 02/13/2014 09:22 AM
        Idiots, they forgot the accent on the e...Call the language police!
      6. jonico posted on 02/13/2014 10:40 AM
        No surprise there .... typical but using photoshop is dishonest (doesn't say much for minister does it) - if Quebec were a country they wouldn't be able to afford to send their athletes - they demonstrated that the past year. It's insulting to the athletes who have worked so hard in training for this. This whole nonsense is taking the limelight of what they've accomplished. Doesn't matter if they're from Quebec, Ontario, BC or wherever, they are athletes & represent us well. Thank God they don't act like the negative, bad-attitude, frustrated PQ government.
      7. paul posted on 02/13/2014 10:57 AM
        Pierre Duchesne: Minister of Selfishness, Poor Sportsmanship and Bad Taste.
        You win the blue medal for your ignorance, your lack of any class and respect.
        This is not the way to support your athletes.
      8. sam posted on 02/13/2014 11:03 AM
        Perhaps the Olympians prefer representing their real country Canada , from sea to sea, that supports them, rather than their province that uses them, in an underhanded way, politically. I wonder if the Quebec The Minister of Higher Education , Research , Science and Technology Pierre Duchesne would notice if someone photoshopped a dunce cap or worse into a photo of him or Marois or Lisée.
      9. Steve K. posted on 02/13/2014 11:21 AM
        Before every program being shown on the Olympics there are warnings about infringement of copyright.
        Couldn’t changing this photo be considered as infringement of copyright and therefore legal action should/could be taken against this minister?
        I'm sure if one of the governments photos were to be changed to show maple leaves instead of fleur de lys he would not hesitate to take legal action.
      10. Paul Hachey posted on 02/13/2014 12:08 PM
        What can I say... I am French Canadian "Pure Laine", we arrived here in 1647... My house is up for sale and we are moving to Ontario CANADA!!!!
      11. More BS posted on 02/13/2014 12:08 PM
        When a lot of us were children we use to play games of make believe. Separatists who have the mentality of children have not now nor will ever grow up even if they achieve their goal. This is demonstrated on a daily basis when they blame the whole world for their short comings. These athletes are proud to represent their country as well as their province . As far as funding their own athletes Quebec would have to train at Beaver Lake or go helicopter skiing with aunty Pauline. Because the separatist live in a world of BS and lies photo shop fits in quite nicely in their world of deceit. Since Pierre likes to live in a world of pretend and play games how about playing a pretend game of the wizard of oz , Pierre you can play the scarecrow.
      12. Thomas posted on 02/13/2014 10:42 PM
        First of all Quebec will never become a country because they could never survive completely on their own. Why do you think sovereignists always insist on an economic partnership with Canada if they were to separate because they still need the money from the rest of Canada to survive. If Quebec were to ever become a country on its own and I mean completely on its own, they wouldn't money to even put up a highway sign!!! Nobody would deal with them since they would have to issue their own currency which nobody would have any confidence in and all the non separatists would leave. So, this notion of Quebec being a country is nothing more than a pipedream that will never materialize!!
      13. Karla Liebrandt posted on 02/16/2014 03:14 PM
        Do these people actually hate Canada that much? Worse, this is a public official (Minister) doing this?! I know one thing for sure, Rene Levesque would never stoop so low as to do this. Yes, he would cheer on his Quebec heroes, but he would not do anything to deface a country's flag.
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