City working on plan to text car owners about snow removal to avoid towing

The city says it's working on a system that would notify car owners of snow removal operations near home by text.

Officials say some 5,000 cars were towed in each of the last two snow removal operations.

That’s someting executive committee vice-president Harout Chitilian says is understandably frustrating for residents.

“I totally understand the citizens who show up on their street and see their car is missing,” Chitilian told CJAD.

“Then they have to go look for it and pay a fee to get their car released.”

And despite the towing being necessary for the operations to proceed, Chitilian says they even slow down city workers simply trying to do their jobs.

So, Chitilian says Montreal is working on a system that would send registered car owners texts in a bid to notify residents about snow removal operations beginning next year.

The new tool is part of the Coderre administration’s Smart city initiative and aims to cut down on the number of vehicles being towed during such operations.

Chitilian told CJAD it’s “too early” to hope to have a prototype by the end of the winter.

Rather, rollout will probably begin “before the end of 2014.”


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