Parents get hospital call back 12 years later

The parents of a teenage girl they suspected had an allergy to antibiotics are stunned after they received a call back from the Verdun Hospital.

It was the first call they received since they tried to book an appointment 12 years ago.

Both patients rights advocates and medical authorities say this is an obvious anomaly.

But Paul Brunet of the Conseil pour la protection des malades says it is indicative of a deeper problem with an underfunded public health system.

And medical experts say that if the girl's case was serious, she would have been treated promptly.

But the Quebec Association of Allergists and Immunologists says there is a serious shortage of its specialists across the province.

After receiving no response from the Verdun Hospital, the parents of the then-one-year-old took her to a hospital in Laval. Tests revealed she wasn't suffering from an allergy.

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