5 Quebec communities among 11 in Canada to lose home mail delivery this fall

Canada post announced the first phase of its five year plan to eliminate home mail delivery Thursday morning.  Five of the eleven targeted communities are just east and north of Montreal.

Mail delivery will come to an end for more than 24 000 homeowners in Rosemere ( 3350 addresses), Lorraine (2550 addresses), Bois-des-Filion (2750 addresses) , Charlemagne (1300 addresses), and Repentigny (14,400 addresses) this fall.

Residents will have to make their way to community mailboxes to pick up their mail, unless they live in apartment buildings, seniors homes or condominiums, which will have mail delivered to the building’s lobby.

“I’m very disappointed with the whole system, what they’re doing is not right,” Eugene Cabral, who’s been a mailman in Repentigny for 15 years, told CJAD.

“I have a lot of elderly and disabled customers who can’t come outside to pick up their mail, they have a hard time walking, they’re very disappointed, a lot of them are alone and won’t have anyone to talk to anymore.”

Cabral said he found out about the change through the media, just like everyone else.  He also said he's petrified about losing his job.

“I’m very deceived about this decision, it was taken unitarily by Canada Post,” Chantal Deschamps, Repentigny mayor said.

Deschamps said they are evaluating how this will impact the community and then they'll decide if they want to fight it.

Canada Post will be sending information packages about the changes to the affected homeowners by mail.

Canada Post announced in December that it would phase out urban home mail delivery and layoff up to eight thousand workers to cut rising costs.

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  1. Kat posted on 02/20/2014 10:08 AM
    I find it ironic the focus of this story is that people won't be getting home delivery and not hat 8000 people will lose their jobs.
    The headline should have read : 8000 more job cuts.
    1. joeN posted on 02/21/2014 09:55 AM
      @Kat I guess you don't remember the many times that these postal workers held the public hostage with their strikes. Thanks to the power they had at the time, we are now stuck with their overpriced pension benefits. Management and Unions were oblivious to the computer technology revolution that has made letter and bill delivery obsolete.
  2. Drew posted on 02/20/2014 10:42 AM
    No joke I am getting mail delivery on Sunday is there that much mail and they are laying off ??????? The little truck shows up on Sunday and delivers to my street . I live in the south shore
  3. whocares posted on 02/20/2014 01:42 PM
    Its about time that home delivery is cut. I get 80 percent less mail than I did 10 years ago..with the internet mail for the most part is becoming obsolete. Is it really so much to ask people to drive a few blocks to pick up their mail? Senior citizens can always ask someone to pick their mail up for them..this is so overblown.
    Plus mail carriers are overpaid and underworked. My mailman often doesnt show up..typically fridays and mondays. I see them constantly driving from door to door delivering mail with the engine running..if this isnt a total waste of energy I dont know what is.
  4. George73 posted on 02/21/2014 03:54 PM
    First: I live in the outlying regions. I doubt we ever got daily mail service when the weather was bad.

    But what I find comical about Canada Post is that they somehow think that delivering parcels for the likes of Amazon.com will somehow save them.

    Here's the reality chack.

    When I order from Amazon, there are usually four carriers for my parcels. FedEx, UPS, Puolator and Canada Post.

    The first three deliver to my door, ahile Canada post insists on stuffing the package into a community mail box that is so obviously too small to accommodate the package that I have had to repeatedly resort to cutting the package open while still in the mail box in an attempt to retrieve the contents. On several occasions I have had to return the items to Amazon on the grounds it was impossible to access the contents without damaging them.

    Does Canada Post honestly believe that Amazon will support their shoddy delivery ad infinitum. Eapeciallu when Amazon charge the customer the same price regardless of carrier and Canada Post consistentlay takes 1-2 days longer than their competition to deliver said packages?
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