Canada hockey fans exhale and look forward to Sweden

Another one-goal win, and another bar full of very happy Canadian hockey fans.

Among the millions of Canadians watching the men's Olympic hockey semi-final between Canada and the US were dozens of patrons at Champs sports bar on St-Laurent.

And while there were cheers and jeers and gasps and claps throughout the game, most of them only truly relaxed at the final whistle.

"I was nervous the whole time," said Canada fan Andrew Morgan. "I though they played way better than the States but it's like, how can they only score a single goal? It's too edgy."

In the minutes after the win, he said he was finally relaxing.

Amy Parent is expecting a Canadian gold medal on Sunday.

"We're gonna win, there's no doubt," she said. "With [Carey] Price in nets, everything's going to be alright."

Photo courtesy Associated Press

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