Denis Coderre assesses his 100 days so far as mayor of Montreal

Denis Coderre has been mayor of Montreal now for 100 days.

He was a guest on the Aaron Rand show on Friday and was asked about his assessment so far of his time in office at city hall.

He said he's worked on a number of things.

"Change the attitude, bring back that smile on the face of the employees, because that was the first important thing", said Coderre, seemingly in light of alleged corruption in the past at city hall.

Coderre says has sent a strong message that "there's a new sherriff in town".

"We are respectful of the city", added the former longtime Montreal North Liberal MP.

Says Coderre, "Montreal is becoming a metropolis again", adding the city needs to "focus on the future".


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  1. Frank posted on 02/25/2014 09:44 PM
    Save the sheriff spiel and start acting like an accountant. Big thanks for dropping another 10 plus million for Bixi. Ever heard of the saying "chasing bad money with good?"

    MTL will NEVER become a major metropolitan city again unless we lower taxes, both personal AND corporate. bring back bilingualism and get rid of parties québécois.
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