Montrealers come together to celebrate Olympic hockey gold

After Jonathan Toews scored Canada's first goal, Canadian fans watching the game at Champs sports bar on Saint-Laurent erupted into cheers.

When Sydney Crosby scored the second goal, the bar got even louder.

Then when Chris Kunitz sealed the deal with Canada's third and final tally, fans roared, knowing the game was all but over.

And 30 seconds before the final buzzer, Canadians on both floors of the bar belted out the national anthem in a burst of sports patriotism.

Taiwanese visitor Penelope Wan, in Montreal to visit a friend, admitted she isn't a sports fan at all. But she couldn't help but be impressed at how much Canadians banded behind their team.

"I enjoy that Canadians are proud of their country, and they're all cheering for one gold medal", she told CJAD.

Few could indeed deny that this hockey game was a key moment for locals. Sports bars across the city were filled by 6:30 in the morning with anxious fans. Though few are in the habit of waking up early on Sunday, none regretted it.

"The experience ended up being really good once the booze started flowing and things loosened up a bit. Breakfasts are finally being served, it's all really awesome", Brock McCarthy yelled at the end of the game.

Oshawa resident James Sprague says he's technically in town for political reasons.

But come the Olympic Games, nothing can keep him away from his fellow hockey fans.

"I'm actually in town for the Liberal convention. Everybody is down there voting on policy, but there's no way better to spend the morning than with a bunch of Canadians in a local bar, feeling the spirit, seeing people celebrate and singing O'Canada twice", he said.

"It was absolutely amazing."

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