Doctor banned for three months for accepting bribe from killer

Valery Fabrikant.

A Montreal cardiologist has been stripped of his licence to practice for three months and fined five thousand dollars after accepting a bribe from convicted murderer Valery Fabrikant.

Dr. André Pasternac admitted he received an envelope containing five thousand dollars in cash from Fabrikant back in 2009 for future healthcare services. Pasternac said after thinking about it, he deposited the cheque three weeks later, claiming he was afraid and feared repercussions.

It was Fabrikant himself who filed the complaint against the doctor. Pasternac accused Fabrikant of trapping him.

But the Quebec College of Physicians' disciplinary committee said that despite all this, the doctor's actions were not justified. It ruled that the only mitigating circumstance is that Pasternac fell victim to a trap created by a person whose reputation for trickery and abusive lawsuits is known. But it also ruled that an aggravating factor is that Pasternac is a well known and reputable doctor who should have known better.

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