Charbonneau: no apologies from 'Rambo'

The union boss known as 'Rambo' returned to the stand for a second day at the Charbonneau Commission, and once again, the focus was on workplace intimidation.

On his first day on the stand Tuesday, the causally-clad Bernard Gauthier admitted that he did intimidate contractors employing 'brutal' tactics, but only in the interest of getting better working conditions for the workers he represented.

He also went off on a rant against provincial regulations which allowed construction workers to work anywhere in the province.

On Wednesday, he told the Commission's hearings that aggressive talk on construction sites was common — and also served to prevent physical altercations.

He also downplayed his role in those actions, saying that while he often spoke loudly, he rarely yelled.

At one point, a wiretap conversation showed Gauthier making threats, including one where he was heard saying "I'm going to break your teeth."

Gauthier was forced to admit that was a threat, but claimed he had been set up.

Gauthier has been named at the Commission by several prior witnesses as the man behind intimidation at work sites on the North Shore. He also denounced the media for portraying him as harsher than he actually is.

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  1. clint posted on 02/26/2014 02:07 PM
    Rob Ford Syndrome.....It was for the good of the people.
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