UPDATE: Montreal pedophile arrested in Cambodia

A Montreal man who served time here for sexually assaulting little girls is under arrest in Cambodia.

70-year old Pierre Deslauriers is accused of paying young boys small amounts of cash to perform sex acts.

La Presse reports that police came looking for him at the rooming house where he was staying in the tourist town of Siem Reap after witnesses complained that he was taking boys into a wooded area.

Police say when they knocked on his door, Deslauriers locked himself in and slashed himself with a knife. He is recovering in hospital.

Back in the 1990s, Deslauriers spoke in defense of pedophilia at an academic conference at College de Maisonneuve, predicting adult-child sex would become accepted as normal within a couple of centuries.

Anti-sex tourism advoicates say Westerners often aren't aware of the penalties they face if arrested on sex charges abroad.

Marco Sotelo of the Montreal-based International Bureau for Children's Rights says both the country of origin and the destination country have a responsibility to make sure tourists know local laws on sex with children, and the risks they run if they flaunt them.

But Soleto says private sector tourism companies also need to educate their clients about the risks involved.


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  1. Jerry St,Amour posted on 02/26/2014 04:21 PM
    He needs to serve time in jail and then deported back to Canada where he will be charged again, People like that give all of us foreigners a bad name, Children need to be protected and not preyed upon. I am Canadian as well and lived in Asia now for 8 years and I am appalled by these kinds of people. I say: put them facing a firing squad.
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