'Rambo' finishes testifying at Charbonneau Commission

The colorful union boss known as 'Rambo' finished his testimony at the Charbonneau Commission Thursday morning.

Since Tuesday, Bernard Gauthier explained the lengths to which he sought to ensure that the workers he represented in Quebec's remote North Shore region were able to get work, and that intimidation tactics were necessary to achieve that end.

He insisted, too, that he would go so far as to ignore collective agreements or Quebec law if it interfered with the ability of his members to get that work.

Under cross-examination today, Gauthier pointed out that many native workers in the region would not be able to get work if it wasn't for him.

"If I get thrown out of my union, workers will simply join another union," Gauthier said today, under cross-examination from a lawyer from the FTQ-Construction union — adding that that would not stop people like him doing whatever was necessary to ensure local people got work.

Another contractor, Marcel Pouliot from Couillard Construction, took the stand after Gauthier Thursday. He suggested that while he will hire workers from the North Shore region, he won't do it at any cost.

The Charbonneau Commission's hearings have adjourned until March 10, and are done with unions and intimidation. A new topic will be taken up when the hearings resume.

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