Tony Accurso still battling Charbonneau Commission in court


Ex-construction magnate Tony Accurso is still trying to quash the subpoena ordering him to testify before the Charbonneau Commission, saying it would incriminate him.

Accurso was not present in court but two lawyers represented him at the Montreal courthouse during the hearing presided by judge Jean-François Buffoni.

Charbonneau Commission officials have said they would not ask Accurso questions about the fraud charges he's facing.

Accurso's lead lawyer Louis Belleau argued it's difficult to answer to criteria such as the pertinence of his client's testimony  or whether information can be obtainied another way because they're in the dark. Belleau said they don't have any information about what the commission wants to know or what police are investigating, leaving them in a powerless position.

Lawyers arrived in court with several boxes of documents, their tables covered with thick binders of more documents. The commission is represented by two lawyers as is the Quebec government.

The hearing is scheduled to last two days.

Accurso recently lost a Quebec Court of Appeal bid to question additional  witnesses at the commission such as the head of Quebec’s anti-corruption unit, UPAC, as well as to get documents involving Accurso that were sent to the commission. Accurso’s lawyer announced they’re going to the Supreme Court to appeal that ruling.

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